Friday, December 18, 2009

Goodman: Controls of government need to be put back in the hands of the people

In his latest campaign newsletter, Sen. Jack Goodman, R-Mount Vernon, a candidate for the Seventh District Congressional seat currently held by Roy Blunt, criticizes this week's vote to increase the national debt ceiling:

Can you believe what Washington is doing to our country?

This week, Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats voted to raise the limit on the national debt by $290 BILLION, increasing it to $12.4 TRILLION. Their original plan was to raise the debt ceiling $2 TRILLION by attaching it to the Defense Appropriations bill in order to disguise their bad vote and bully Republicans into supporting it. All Americans should be disgusted by either political party exploiting our men and women in uniform in such a reprehensible political maneuver. If they had succeeded, the $2 TRILLION leap would have been the largest increase to the national debt ceiling in history. Even more infuriating is the fact that the increased debt will not even cover the pace of spending through 2010. The liberals will be back again in the very near future asking to raise the national debt ceiling again to keep up with their out-of-control spending.

Just last week, Democrat leaders rolled out even more wasteful spending packages, increasing non-defense discretionary spending by 13.8%, the largest increase in history. Over the last year, democrats have tripled the budget deficit with their reckless and wasteful spending. It is obvious to most Americans that Washington's liberal, irresponsible attempt to spend its way out of this recession is not working. Rather, it simply puts future generations deeper in debt.

I am running for Congress because I want to put the controls of our government back in the hands of the people who are finally standing up and demanding that their leaders start listening to the hardworking people of this great nation. I am running because I want to join Americans in reminding Congress that we have a Constitution limiting the role of government and protecting the sovereignty and freedoms of the people it serves.

I am running to stop the growing government and out of control spending that is weakening our nation and robbing our children and grandchildren of their chance to pursue the American promise of opportunity: the promise that, in America, if you learn everything you can learn, work as hard as you can and treat those around you as Christians are supposed to treat each other, you can become anything you dream to be and accumulate as much as you can earn.

The choices facing Americans in 2010 are more important than any election in decades. Americans will decide if they are going to stand up and fight to save the great American way of life that our founders risked their lives creating or simply let it slip through our fingers, never to return. Thank you for signing up to receive our messages and joining us in the fight to save America for future generations.

Our founders' work is in peril. It is up to us to save it together. I look forward to fighting this battle with you at our side.

Yours for a strong America,


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