Friday, December 11, 2009

KC Star: Police report indicates Jetton battered victim for hours

An article in today's Kansas City Star indicates that according to the incident report, former Speaker of the House Rod Jetton, charged with felony assautl earlier this week battered the woman for hours:

Two days after the alleged attack in November, an investigative report said, the woman still showed signs of a beating: numerous contusions on her torso and thighs, slap marks, and the impressions of a hand on her face and neck.

“(The victim) stated during the whole incident, she was scared for her life,” the Sikeston public safety officer wrote. “She stated she woke up on 11/16/2009 early in the morning and was unable to move” because the pain across her body was so severe.

Unlike the probable cause statement issued by the prosecuting attorney's office earlier in the week, this statement does not indicate the two had the mutually agreed upon safe word "green balloons."

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How has cancer missed this guy.