Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Green balloon arrested after woman fails to say safeword "Rod Jetton"

A green balloon was reportedly charged with assault following a party that got out of control in a St. Louis suburb.

The incident report indicates the unnamed female victim, also a balloon, said things were going well until the green balloon attempted to stretch her into the shape of an animal. "Then he tied my end and I couldn't let any air out."

The victim asked why the green balloon was assaulting her. The green balloon replied, "You never said 'Rod Jetton' to me," referring to the former Missouri Speaker of the House.

Why "Rod Jetton?"

Apparently, according to the police report, because someone recently let all of the air out of Rod Jetton's balloon.


Background information on Rod Jetton and green balloons


Anonymous said...

Drinking and posting again?

Anonymous said...

it's hard to take some of this stuff seriously, isn't it. green balloons and mold spores...just too good to pass up aren't they randy?

Randy said...

It does seem like the news has taken a turn for the ridiculous. And it is a lot harder than you would think to get a green balloon to pose for a picture.

Anonymous said...

When do you go on the stand-up circuit? Of course with leaders like these, cracking wise is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Calling Terry Reed said...

You are so much politer and more honest when someone is suing you for libel.

Where is Terry Reed when we need him?