Monday, December 21, 2009

Ruestman able to say "Merry Christmas" despite liberal media and far left agenda

Rep. Marilyn Ruestman picked a unique way to wish he constituents a merry Christmas.

In her latest column, the term-limited Joplin Republican spread Christmas cheer while ripping into the godless hordes of liberal media and far left radicals:

Christmas is a wonderful time of year! Regardless of what is going on around us, this season always has a magical feel to it. Every time I think of our Savior being born on a peaceful night in a manger it excites me.

I’m so glad that despite the liberal media and the far left’s agenda, this season continues to remind us of Christ. I feel so blessed to live in a nation where I still have the freedom of speech that allows me to say “Merry Christmas!” and the freedom of religion to celebrate its true meaning.

We are two weeks away from a new session and there are plenty of issues to discuss. However, I encourage everyone to pause long enough to enjoy this wonderful holiday with their loved ones. I am finishing up my last-minute shopping and preparing my home to welcome family and friends. I look forward to a brief break to rest up before the fast pace of session begins.

Please remember those less fortunate who do not have the luxuries many of us do. Sometimes we take our warm house and bountiful meals for granted this time of year. Also, remember those serving our nation abroad. They are sacrificing this precious time to ensure our safety and freedom.

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