Friday, December 18, 2009

Hartzler continues attacks on Skelton

Vicky Hartzler, Republican candidate for the Fourth District Congressional seat currently held by Democrat Ike Skelton, continued her series of attacks on Skelton with her latest news release:

Those of us who work for a living, pay taxes, and handle the bills every month have real trouble imagining how to burn through nearly one-half a trillion taxpayer dollars in just one day.

In the liberal-operated Washington, it’s all in a day’s work for Congressman Ike Skelton and Speaker Pelosi. On Wednesday, December 16, the 33-year incumbent Missouri congressman and Pelosi pulled off a $440 billion day of borrow and spend.

First they voted to borrow another $290 billion. Then they voted to spend more than one-half the new debt on $150 billion for a second “stimulus” spending spree, after the first stimulus plan failed.

On the “Borrow-More-Now! Plan,” Skelton was one of only 218 votes to run up another $290 billion into national debt by raising President Obama’s borrowing authority to $14 trillion. This is expected to be gone in February, when more debt will be demanded.

On the “Hurry-Spend-It! Plan,” Skelton was one of 217 votes for a new shot of so-called “stimulus” spending, at $150 billion added to the already runaway budget deficit. The first Obama stimulus has become notorious for failing to create jobs and gross waste. Early this year, Pelosi, Skelton and the other liberals promised that joblessness would go no higher than 8% with their first “stimulus” of $787 billion; unemployment now is 10%.

Fourth District GOP congressional candidate Vicky Hartzler said, “We need jobs and economic recovery now. We know how to make this happen. Cut taxes so that families and employers keep and spend more of their own money. The Skelton plan: government make-work, unpayable debt, and printing more money is dragging us down right now. In the longer term, it is obviously disastrous.

“When Washington grabs and spends every dollar in sight, the economy can’t establish a proper recovery with real and lasting jobs in the private economy. In the real world here in Missouri, we know that no household can spend itself rich. Washington doesn’t know this. We know that nobody can borrow their way out of debt. But Washington doesn’t know this. Mr. Skelton has forgotten completely the basic principles of stewardship of public money and fiscal responsibility.

“Runaway spending is slowing down recovery and ruining us with a mountain of debt, and our congressman is right in the middle of it.”

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