Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The city of Neosho deserves either the truth or a resignation

After his claim that mold spores played a role in his terrible, possibly illegal, financial decisions for the city of Neosho, I thought there was no way City Manager Jan Blase could top himself.

I was wrong.

Blase kept adding to the mounting record against him with his quotes in an article by Managing Editor John Ford in the Tuesday Neosho Daily News.

After Blase made his outrageous attempt to make it appear that his weakened condition because of mold spores at City Hall had caused him to make poor financial decisions that have caused considerable problems for the city, Blase now has the nerve to say that his health is no one's business but his own:

Asked this morning if he had filed a workman’s comp claim as a result of the illnesses, Blase declined to comment, saying it as “a personnel matter.” He also wouldn’t comment Tuesday as to symptoms he had experienced due to mold.

“My personal medical history is mine,” Blase said

No, Mr. Blase, Your personal medical history stopped being yours the moment you blamed it for your disastrous decisions. As far as being a "personnel matter" is concerned, that might be a convincing argument if you were talking about someone who was working for you, but, not when it comes to you. There is no law that prevents you from releasing your own medical information.

The city of Neosho deserves either the truth or a resignation.


pppporkypig said...

Better checkfo mold spores @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in DC also.

pppporkypig said...

Sorry for the should read Better check for mold spores @1600 Pensylvania Ave. in DC also.