Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ruestman warns of growing government

In her latest column, Rep. Marilyn Ruestman, R-Joplin, warns of the dangers of a growing federal government:

You probably thought you’d seen it all when the liberals in Washington introduced socialized medicine and Cap and Trade, but they’re not done.

New legislation introduced by Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold titled The Clean Water Restoration Act greatly expands the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency to allow them to regulate ALL water. Currently, the EPA has jurisdiction over all “navigable” water; however, the new bill removes the word “navigable”. This means the EPA would have authority to regulate anything from mud puddles to melting snow on your land.

In 2005, the Supreme Court handed down a decision in Kelo vs. City of New London which allows the government to seize land from one private party to give to another private party. It is appalling to learn that in the State of New York people are being forced to sell their property for a development aimed at giving the New Jersey Nets a new home with nearby shopping. It seems that now your property only belongs to you until local elected officials determine tax dollars could be made by giving your land to developers.

California recently raised taxes 10 percent. Due to years of poor decisions and bad spending habits by their politicians California is facing bankruptcy. They now are shoving a huge tax increase down the throats of their constituents. How do they explain this? They say to consider it a “forced, interest-free loan” to the government.

Despite shocking evidence of unethical practices in research indicating global warming, President Obama and several high-ranking officials went to the environmental conference in Copenhagen last week. The results of such a conference can only serve to chip away at America’s sovereignty by agreeing to environmental protections determined by some other nations. China, one of the world’s largest polluters, is participating in the talks but will likely not sign the pact. Without complete consensus, including China, the agreements are worthless.

It is time for all Missourians to take notice of what is going on around them. We must begin to push back against these atrocities. As we enter 2010 I encourage everyone to pay close attention to what is in the news. The only true way to make a change is with your vote. Think about it.

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Anonymous said...

It seems quite interesting that Ms Ruestman complains about how the government is trying to get into our everyday lives and then presents, for passage, all of the shallow "who would possibly be against these" bills for passage. Do not these bills require this "ever feared government" to become involved by the very nature of the bill's content?