Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Source: Joplin Globe staffers ordered to take one unpaid day before end of the year

Community Newspapers Holding, Inc. (CNHI) ordered all of its employees, including those at the Joplin Globe to take one unpaid day off before the end of the year, a company source told The Turner Report.

Furloughs are also anticipated during the first quarter of 2010, adding five more unpaid days.

So far, I haven't seen a word about this in the Globe, no do I expect to.


Anonymous said...

and so goes the "bean-counter" corporate ownership of newspapers. Gone are the days of newspaper companies, being run by newspaper people, with each property being it's own entity. Punish the good with the bad...nevermind that the GLOBE is doing okay, it's employees have to suffer, along with those in bumfreak, alabama, also.

Anonymous said...

I guess thats why they let the Neosho Daily News beat them to the story about Duane Cooper and his ego? By the way Randy, you should thank Mr. Ford for the great new Daily News site, isn't it wonderful?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you post a story about Newton County Sherriff? Rumor has it he won't get charged.

Anonymous said...

Hey poster #3, if you watched KOAM 7 news you would have seen a great report by Lisa Olligas. Sheriff Copeland said he had a man to man talk with Cooper. I think that maby Sheriff Evenson might think about having a good old man to lady talk with Mac County processor Janice Durbin. LOL.