Saturday, December 12, 2009

KC Star column questions lack of more serious charges against Jetton

Kansas City Star columnist Mary Sanchez' latest column focuses on the lack of attentino being paid to what the victim has gone through in the Rod Jetton assault case, but she also brings up a valid point- with allegations of choking, beating, and forced sexual activity- why is Jetton only being charged with assault?

Some of the details from the documents in the case could make one wonder why the prosecutor isn’t discussing a rape charge. It’s clear that the woman is suggesting a date rape drug was placed in her wine and that she lost consciousness at times.

There are all kinds of people and all kinds of approaches to sex. As long as it is between consenting adults, doesn’t involve animals or children, I don’t care what people agree to do in private. But there is meanness and brutality in the details leaking out of Sikeston, Mo.

So set aside the inclination to snicker at details — like the idea of Jetton and the woman agreeing to utter “green balloons” to halt the sex acts if things became too rough.

Police noted the bruises on her breast and thighs. The woman told police she woke up on the floor with Jetton choking her.

But what most suggests that this was more than a sex game was the damage to her face. What woman emerging from a bedroom wants to go into public with welts, bruises and scratches across her face and neck?

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Anonymous said...

I used to know Rod Jetton very well or at least I thought I did. I guess like everyone else I saw the man he wanted me to see and not the man he was. Base not on guilt but only on the accurate details involved in this case I can honestly say that the word hypocrytical among many others would apply to Rod at this point. From what I read in the report it sounds like Rapist might be among them as well. I am shocked at this situation and sickened by what this so called Christian man was willing to do to this poor woman even if she had agreed to rough sex. I am most upset by what this situation will do to Rod's family and children. I used to talk to Rod when he was first got into politics in bollinger county. He had such big plans to change the world. I remember telling him that it always seemed that people with lofty goals in politics either got changed along the way by the power and money or got assasinated for not changing like everyone else. ( It is easier for a camel to cross through the eye of a needle ( small doorway) than it is for a rich man to get into heaven.) I guess the (Rod Father) is starting his fall from grace as his gossemer wings melt from gettin too close to the sun. I also wonder how much of this kind of lifestyle Shelly Keeny knew about? She was personally groomed by Jedi Jetton to fill his house spot in Bollinger County after being his personal aide for years? Hard to get close to crap without getting some stink on yourself now isnt it?