Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Long: Senate health care bill example of "deeply corrupted legislative system"

Seventh District Congressional candidate Billy Long criticized the Senate health care bill in a news release issued today:

The recently passed health care bill by the U.S. Senate has a significant number of special deals for specific states and interests designed to entice reluctant Senators into supporting the overall legislation. One such deal is a provision that would create tax exemptions for Blue Cross Blue Shield in Michigan.

"The health care bill recently passed out of the Senate is the unconstitutional product of a deeply corrupted legislative system. No one is even pretending to craft a solution to America's health care problems within the narrow confines of the Constitution. From day one, this bill has been nothing more than a grab bag of special interest payoffs for the allies of certain well connected Democrat cronies," Billy Long said.

"In Michigan, the state's largest insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, will be exempted from the health insurance premium taxes. Not only does this seem to be designed to gain the vote of a Michigan Senator, but it also appears to be favoritism directed toward Blue Cross Blue Shield itself. The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform should investigate this suspicious award given to Blue Cross Blue Shield." Billy concluded.

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