Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cynthia Davis: Federal healthcare proposal designed to "weed out undesirables"

In her weekly column, Rep. Cynthia Davis says the federal healthcare legislation is designed to weed out the undesirables, whether it be through abortion or getting rid of the sick and elderly.

You may be wondering why I would write about healthcare right before Christmas. Certainly those in congress seem to be focused more on their healthcare bill than Christmas. It makes us wonder why they want to stay in Washington on Christmas Eve, casting votes during the Sabbath days and into the midnight hours. This Health Care Bill has some parallels to the story behind the federal reserve act which was also passed during the Christmas week. The Federal Reserve Act

As we approach the Christmas season, I am reminded of a story about a baby who was baptized. The family returned home from Church and put the sleeping infant on the bed in the master bedroom. As all the guests arrived, they laid their coats on the bed as well. After awhile people started wondering what happened to the baby. He was found under all those coats. The guests were having such a great time that they didn’t notice what happened to the main attraction. (Don’t worry. The baby was fine, butgrossly ignored.)

Many have told that story to illustrate how we treat Jesus at Christmas. The holiday originated as a way to commemorate the birth of the Savior of the world, yet we are so busy with baking, shopping and social events, we can leave the story of the Savior under all our coats and forget He is the reason for the celebration.

That’s how I feel about the healthcare bill. With all the wrangling, the folks in Washington D.C. are leaving out the most important part of the debate -the citizens. They are so busy beating up those insurance companies and trying to calculate how far into socialism and expansion of the national debt we ought to go, they forgot the real question: How are they going to control inflating costs and the accompanying fraud?

I am not against reforming health care, but I am against the way the congress is doing it. Nobody wants to risk losing his home and life savings on a medical event, but the real problems with our current system appear to be missing from the latest proposal—ideas like competition, accountability and price transparency.

The best way to reduce prices is to allow our free market system to work. People need to shop around. Providers need to have an incentive to market their advantages over other choices. People had health care before insurance was invented and without any governmental intrusion, health care would continue.

On top of it all, the current bill allows our youngest among us to be exterminated through taxpayer funding. The congressional plan will save money by “weeding out the undesirables”. That’s why they fought to make sure abortion was covered in the senate bill. When we go to a national healthcare system, the first step is for government to gain greater control of our lives. The second step will be to define who is worthy of medical services. Even if you think it is okay for parents to destroy their offspring before birth, we ought to be concerned about what will happen to the disabled and elderly.

Amid all the debate going on in Washington D.C., it is critical that we take steps to protect our citizens from further economic damage. I love a good debate, but those debating our health care in the nation’s capitol apparently are neither interested in the opinions of citizens nor considering objective outside ideas.

(Photo- Cynthia Davis and her family, described in her weekly column as the "First Family of District 19)


Anonymous said...

The undesirables are the Democrats who are trying to overthrow the government. We are at war, civil war, a war between the states.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous 12:45 AM, I hate to break up your delusion, but the Democrats ARE the ones in charge. We tried it your way for over a decade and look at the results. You and your fellow teabaggers need to heed your own admonishment to those who disagreed with you when the GOP was the majority: America, love it or leave it!

Anonymous said...

Your dead

Anonymous said...

Missouri is a Confederate State.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a loaded shotgun behind the kitchen door.

Anonymous said...

missouri was not a confederate state...but really hasn't that war been over long enough? talk about living in the past.

Anonymous said...

The Missouri Legislature seceded from the Union and established the first Confederate Capitol of Missouri at Neosho. I thought it might still be taught in schools in Missouri.