Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hartzler: Ike is dodging questions

Former State Rep. Vicky Hartzler, one of the GOP candidates vying for the chance to oppose veteran Congressman Ike Skelton in November 2010, claims Skelton is dodging the media and his constituents. Her news release is printed below:

After more than three decades in Congress, Ike Skelton is deeply settled in a pattern of ducking dialogue with Missourians, voting with the liberals, and stonewalling questions.

The latest example is Skelton’s refusal to let his taxpayer-funded staff talk to members of the media about Rep. Barney Frank’s November announcement of a deal for Skelton to use a defense spending bill to achieve a key goal of homosexual rights groups, repeal of “don’t ask/don’t tell” in the armed forces.

A humorous audio file of Skelton’s office refusing to address Frank’s statement with a Missouri radio reporter may be found at: [http://www.bottradionetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Vicky-Hartzler-complete-story-airs-12-14-09-on-KC-Lake-Springfield-Jeff-City-stations-only_compressed.mp3]
Vicky Hartzler, GOP candidate for the 4th District, said: “As the years passed, the incumbent’s voting moved more and more to the left, and Mr. Skelton has fallen into a pattern of filtering out the opinions and values of the Fourth District, not listening, and then refusing to explain his votes and positions. For example, we began the campaign with district wide public meetings on health care reform. Mr. Skelton refused to have public meetings during the August recess on the Obama plan for a government takeover of health care.

“On cap-and-tax, the bill to inflict terrible economic damage and job losses on this District, Mr. Skelton voted with Nancy Pelosi for a federal energy tax on electricity, gasoline, and all forms of energy. Before voting for this huge job-killing tax, to our knowledge, he did not meet with the public on this terrible proposal, to answer people’s questions and hear their views.

“Now, gay rights champion Barney Frank of Massachusetts has said that next year’s defense authorizations bill, which Mr. Skelton will handle, will repeal ‘don’t ask/don’t tell.’ Our brave troops do not support this. When Barney Frank announced the deal, I challenged Mr. Skelton to tell us the facts. He stonewalled. Now, his taxpayer-financed staff refuses to answer media questions about Barney Frank’s statement on a bill that Ike Skelton will handle in the House. Is Ike Skelton part of this deal? The people have a right to know. Our troops have a right to know.”
A repeal of “don’t ask/don’t tell” would be Skelton’s second abuse of military legislation for far-left social issues. In a private deal with senators this fall, Skelton inserted a so-called “hate crimes bill” in the current defense bill. When challenged in House debate, Skelton lost control and subjected a colleague to crude verbal abuse.

Hartzler concluded: “If I am entrusted with our district’s vote in the House, I will talk with the people. To me, this is the foundation of representing us in Congress. In the House, I will vote for our conservative values and principles.
“The worst of Skelton’s liberal voting record is that he voted Yes for every part of the Obama economic program, including cap-and-tax, and also to spend our country into bankruptcy and ruinous debt to China and other foreign nations. If he listened to us, he wouldn’t vote as he does, which is 97% with the San Francisco values of Nancy Pelosi and President Obama. He has much to explain.”

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