Monday, December 07, 2009

Rod Jetton: I've got pictures if you want to see them

Former Speaker of the House Rod Jetton, R-Marble Hill, has been charged with second degree assault in connection with the alleged beating of a woman, with the probable cause statement including the woman's allegations that Jetton may have drugged her, beat her, and sexually assaulted her:

According to a probable cause statement filed by a Sikeston police detective, Jetton and the woman discussed having sex, he came to her home on Nov. 15 and stayed until the next day. Jetton poured her a glass of wine in the kitchen while she remained in the living room. After drinking wine while watching a football game, the woman reported fading in and out of consciousness several times during the evening.

Police say the woman claimed Jetton hit her in the face several times "very hard" and she said she woke up at one point, lying on the floor as Jetton was choking her. The woman said she then remembered waking up while Jetton was behind her having sex in the bedroom. Police say there were bruises on the outside of the woman's thighs, left side and breast that were photographed.

In the accompanying video, Jetton notes, "I've got pictures if you want to see them." However, these pictures are not the ones the police have, but are of turkeys he shot while hunting with his benefactor, the late Robert Plaster, a few years back.


Anonymous said...

Somewhere, Lindsay Graham sheds a tear.

Anonymous said...

You buried the lead. The best(?) part of this is that hypocritical ass hole Jetton has been an OUTSPOKEN anti-gay-rights politician, and demoted an underling for decriminalizing gay sex in Missouri (which was already decriminalized by the U.S. Supreme Court 4 years earlier). Jetton referred to gays as "deviate" [sic], and expressed fear that they'd be allowed to adopt kids.

I guess engaging in BDSM, drugging a woman and beating her senseless is all just "good clean fun," though. I mean, it's not like it's something "deviate."