Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More thoughts from Newton County watermelon feed

More observations from last night's Newton County Republican Watermelon Feed:

-Two of the state representatives backing their former colleague Sen. Jack Goodman, R-Mount Vernon, for Congress, were wearing their T-shirts prominently. Rep. Kevin Wilson, R-Neosho, was proudly wearing his "Goodman for Congress" shirt, while Rep. Marilyn Ruestman, R-Joplin, was wearing her "Ruestman" t-shirt. Don't get greedy, Jack.

-I don't know if a political gathering would be my idea of the ideal place to go for my 16th birthday (even thought since I only have a birthday once every four years, I won't find out until 2020), but that was how Newton County circuit clerk candidate Patty Krueger's daughter, Hannah, celebrated hers. She didn't mind. She tells The Turner Report, the actual celebration will be tonight.

-One of the fun things to watch is sign placement. The Nodler and Goodman campaigns had signs displayed prominently on the left and right, respectively, of the stage, whereas signs for Patty Krueger and encouraging opposition to Proposition C were directly behind the candidates.

-Another fun moment: During the Newton County presiding commissioner speeches, which will be posted on The Turner Report later today, Buzz Ball, without mentioning her name, had some pointed comments about the money Marilyn Ruestman has for the campaign.

-As an English teacher, I always have my students proofread their papers to make sure they are saying exactly what they mean to say. Unfortunately for Marilyn Ruestman, her words were a little twisted last night, when she was talking about a new traffic signal installed on Highway 43. "I was there to witness a fatality and I'm very proud of that," she said. It's on the video.

-Congressional candidate Michael Moon's daughter and a friend had little Moon mustaches on, which seemed to charm those who attended the feed.

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