Friday, July 30, 2010

Michael Moon: The federal budget can be cut

Republican Seventh District Congressional candidate Michael Moon offers his views on the economy in this position paper:

Welfare's purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence.” Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States of America.

“Southwest Missourians get it – the pursuit of financial freedom is largely an effort of personal, family and community responsibility. Those who view our governments as caretaker endanger the liberties of our Republic form of government,” said Mike Moon. Mike Moon is the Ronald Reagan Republican seeking to serve as the Representative in Congress for the 7th District. His common-sense values are clear and compelling. Mike Moon, like most citizens of Southwest Missouri, is a hard-working family man, married for nearly 30 years to his college sweetheart, Denise, with whom they raised five home-schooled children. Mike takes personal responsibility for his family by actually working two jobs – a successful cattle farm and 25 years with the same employer in the health care provider industry.

President Reagan, January 21, 1985, in his second inaugural address, said to our Nation, “Freedom is one of the deepest and noblest aspirations of the human spirit.”

Clearly, Congress has taken the role of caretaker rather than the limited authority of the Constitution's enumerated powers in Article 1, Section 8. The federal government derives its power from the people through the sovereignty of these United States. The recent passage of Obama-care is a clear example of Congress as a controlling caretaker who has turned a deaf ear to a strong majority of the American people. Congress may be deaf and near dumb, but the strong hearts and arms of Missourians are shouting loudly, “Repeal,” as evidenced by the absence of opposition and the strong support for health-care freedom with a “YES!” vote on Proposition C.

Social Security was not initiated as the self-sufficient warm blanket comforting each American in the evenings of their life. However, it is a promise of payout to our retiring population whose vesting cannot and should not be broken. I strongly support privatizing Social Security and Medicare and returning to personal care and responsibility for those in our workforce who are 48 and under.

The federal budget can be cut. Eliminate all the “czars” and their staff. Reduce the number of cabinet level positions, including Education, HUD, SBA, Interior, Energy, EPA as a beginning strong signal of limited government within the size, scope and spending of conservative Constitutional values.

Earmarks, depending on one’s definition, are less than 2% of our federal governments taking our hard-earned tax dollars. Earmarks are perceived as wasteful and fraudulent. I was strongly against earmarks long before I became a candidate for the United States Congress to represent Southwest Missouri's 7th District. The secrecy of the appropriations process removes the transparency of the visibility of a specific bill with an open recorded vote. The earmark process allows caucus leadership to not-so-gently bribe less senior congressmen to trade their vote for status, district spending and continue a system that breeds corruption. When the Fair Tax is implemented, Congress will no longer have the power to pick winners and losers through tax and take policies to be spent on special interests of senior Members of congress.

Finally, on Tuesday August 3rd, the value of a vote will be worth far more than a thousand dollars in campaign cash. It is clear during this election cycle the American people are strongly supporting common-sense, compassionate Constitutional conservatives who may be vastly outspent but not outvoted! Money is important, but as demonstrated right here in other congressional campaigns of Southwest Missouri votes have the real gold value.

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