Tuesday, July 27, 2010

129th District candidates speak at Newton County Watermelon Feed

In the accompanying video (and thankfully, I used a tripod for once) Bill White and Shelly Dreyer, candidates for the 129th District state representative position currently held by term-limited Speaker of the House Ron Richard, present their cases for election:


Jimmy Morris said...

Bill White clearly and confidently articulates his vision for serving Missourians and representing the 129th District in Jefferson City. Bill White is clearly the frontrunner and tone-setter in this race. Vote William "Bill" White on August 3!

Anonymous said...

Shelly Dreyer will not be led by the nose. Vote Dreyer on August 3rd.

Robert H. said...

Isn't Jimmy the name of White's campaign manager?

If so then it's in poor taste for him to act like he is just another guy who lives here.

I think both candidates have strenghs. I encourage everyone to decide only on the candidate based on their qualifications and abilities. Honestly I couldn't care less White's money is all from doctors or Dreyer's is from lawyers, local money or not, these are petty details and a shame really that it is being used to elect or not elect someone.

It doesn't matter to me in fact I made my decision on who I was voting for after meeting both of them. Dreyer knocked on my door and I saw White at a SWMO Conservative Meeting. Both nice people but Dreyer made a very strong impression on me by not talking poorly about her opponent even when I asked why I shouldn't vote for him. She just said let me tell you why you should vote for me. I feel like she will be someone who will take charge and really work hard for us.
Like I said I thought both were nice people and I enjoyed meeting them each. I hope everyone in the area gets to meet them too before voting one way or another

Jimmy Morris said...

Re: Robert

Yes, I unashamedly made a comment in favor of Bill White, who I believe best represents the 129th district. I'm not sure why only my first name appeared on my comment. I guess I need to change some setting on my profile account. I had no intent of deceiving anyone as to my true identity.

As to basing your vote on a candidate's qualifications and abilities, I couldn't agree more. However, looking at a candidate's history and record (whether votes cast or contributions made or contributions received) is essential in evaluating a candidate's character. We have many candidates running for various offices, and we are at a crucial point in our nation's history. Getting beyond the rhetoric and campaign slogans to a candidate's character is a must if we are to reverse our current course.

Jimmy Morris
(campaign manager for Bill White AND concerned citizen)