Monday, July 26, 2010

Missourians United for Life endorses Bill White

129th District state representative candidate Bill White made it a clean sweep with the pro-life groups today, garnering the endorsement of Missourisns United for Life. From the news release:

William “Bill” White of Joplin, a Republican candidate for Missouri State Representative (129th District) has received an endorsement from Missourians United for Life as a result of his efforts to promote a culture of care and concern for the most vulnerable members of American society.

White is delighted to have been recognized by both Missourians United for Life and Missouri Right to Life for his ongoing commitment to the rights of the unborn. He will continue to work to make Missouri a place where the family is valued and the helpless have a voice. Whether representing the unborn or the 90-year-old in a nursing home, White is deeply devoted to showing each individual the dignity and respect they deserve.

An attorney and educator, White is married to Dr. Ellen Nichols, a neurosurgeon at Freeman Hospital. The couple have four children, two of whom were adopted as foster children. Gene Koester, principal of McAuley Catholic High School comments, "As a Catholic voter, I am thankful for Bill White's pro-life stance. Bill White is a family man with values reflecting the sacredness of God's greatest gift."


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Gene Koester prides himself on being a Catholic voter, citing the pro-life issue. But is it okay that hundreds of children are abused by the clergy in the church and that incidences of hazing go unreported?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how Gene Koester is responsible for the actions of some unknown individual who happens to share the same faith. Are you personally guilty and responsible for any and all crimes committed by anyone who might share your faith?