Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nodler: Make your voice heard on Proposition C

In his weekly newsletter, Sen. Gary Nodler, R-Joplin, a candidate for Seventh District Congress, encourages constituents to make their voices heard on Proposition C:

On August 3, voters throughout Missouri will be the first in the nation to have the opportunity to weigh in on the federal health care legislation passed by Congress. Thanks to legislation passed by the General Assembly during the 2010 legislative session, Missourians will be able to make their voices heard on whether they want the federal government to mandate their health care decisions.

Proposition C is on the August 3 primary ballot. Also called the Health Care Freedom Act, the ballot measure originates from a bill passed earlier this year. I co-sponsored the original measure to protect the rights of citizens in this state. If voters approve Proposition C, it will result in a constitutional amendment providing that no federal law can compel a patient, employer, or health care provider in our state to participate in any government or privately run health care system, protecting the right of patients and employers to pay directly for legal health care services.

Since the federal government passed the health care legislation, I have spoken out about my opposition to the so-called “reform.” It is a costly venture that violates the individual rights of citizens. Heightening costs will also create a serious funding dilemma for states as they try to pay for an outrageous expansion in Medicaid costs. The law hurts businesses as they are forced to cover costs for their employees. When Congress passed this legislation, I heard from a number of Missourians who were concerned that their rights were being violated. With the Health Care Freedom Act, citizens have the opportunity to make their voices heard.

The passage of Proposition C would provide citizens with health care freedom — whether they chose to buy a private plan, use the federal plan, or purchase no plan at all. On August 3, you will be able to cast your vote and tell the federal government whether you think they should have the authority to penalize you for exercising your health care freedom


Anonymous said...

Nodler hates handicapped children. They bother him!....

Anonymous said...

He will never live that down. It was a clear picture of his true character.

Anonymous said...

This is the one reason I will not vote Nodler.

I haven't missed an election in 30 years...I vote and it won't be for Nodler.

Anonymous said...

You are not the only republican totally disapointed with this man Nodler