Tuesday, July 27, 2010

News-Leader profiles Eckersley

In the latest of its series on Seventh District Congressional candidates, the Springfield News-Leader profiles Democratic candidate Scott Eckersley. In the article, the News-Leader addresses one of the issues that has surrounded Eckersley. How can someone who worked in a Republican administration be taken seriously as a candidate in a Democratic primary?

In a year when many voters are saying they want a candidate to challenge the establishment, candidate Scott Eckersley says he's the one who has proven he can.
"I'm the guy who fought the government. I'm the guy who fought a system that tried to destroy me for protecting your right to know," said Eckersley, who faces opponent Tim Davis in the Democratic primary Aug. 3.
But will Democrats be eager to vote for someone who worked inside a Republican administration?
Eckersley told the News-Leader that he's always identified himself as an independent. When offered a job to work for the governor, he did it because he believed in public service.
"It wasn't Scott Eckersley working on a Republican campaign, it was Scott Eckersley interpreting law for the state of Missouri, and that's not party specific."

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