Friday, July 30, 2010

Ruestman stresses experience in presiding commissioner ad

Rep. Marilyn Ruestman, Joplin, stresses her experience in the accompanying video from her campaign for Newton County presiding commissioner:


Anonymous said...

Experience at having the General Assembly staff at writing meaningless Resolutions?

Experience at claiming to be the sole reason certain pieces of legislation was passed into law?

Experience in shaking down lobbyists for contributions to a legislative committee according to Missouri Ethics Laws and converting that money into a county race for Presiding Commissioner?

We need a hard-working, straight-talking person to work with the two other members of the commission to wisely spend our tax dollars in Newton County to meet our basic needs in an open-to-the-public type of Government.

Buzz Ball is the person to be sure we have open government in our county. He's proven it through the years by keeping the records open and in the newspaper.

Vote for Buzz Ball.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kevin!

Anonymous said...

Hi, bitchy friend.

Krissy Gooch said...

hey Anonymous Buzz supporter!Do you not have the courage to put your name behind your post?