Monday, July 26, 2010

Scott endorses Hartzler in Fourth District primary

Term-limited Sen. Delbert Scott, R-Lowry City, has endorsed former Rep. Vicky Hartzler in the Fourth District Congressional primary. From the news release:

 Missouri State Senator Delbert Scott, who represents the 28th District in the Missouri Legislature, has endorsed Vicky Hartzler in her bid to represent Missouri’s 4th Congressional District and is serving as her campaign treasurer.
“Delbert Scott has been a dedicated servant to the people of Missouri,” Hartzler said, “I could not be more thankful to have his support to bring Missouri’s voice back to Washington D.C.”
Scott said that Vicky’s conservative values represent the core of the 4th District. 
“Vicky has contagious enthusiasm and a determination that is inspiring,” Scott said.  “Our incumbent Democrat congressman has been voting with Nancy Pelosi almost 100% of the time, and Missouri’s Fourth Congressional District voters are disappointed with the radical liberal turn he has taken over the last several years.  It’s time to get behind a great candidate like Vicky and put our country on a course for real, positive, conservative change, come November 2nd.”


Anonymous said...

Ol' Delbert reminds me of that other state Senator from Polk County a few years back.

H just quietly got his time in and never did much but qualify for a pension from the state.

Anonymous said...

This endorsement from Sen Scott means a lot, the people in his Senate district respected his hard work and conservative values. They will see those same qualities in Hartzler when she's in the House