Thursday, September 06, 2012

Kander has $671,000 fundraising lead over Schoeller

(From the Kander for Secretary of State campaign)

 Jason Kander announced today that his campaign enjoys a more than $671,000 fundraising lead over his Republican opponent. Kander now has more than $956,000 in the bank to spend this fall, compared to only $284,000 for Shane Schoeller.

Kander, one of the leading champions for ethics reform and the reinstatement of campaign contribution limits, also pointed out that more than 41 percent of his opponent’s contributions have come from a single individual. 

“Unlike my opponent, I have fueled my campaign with broad grassroots support,” Kander said. “Missourians need their next Secretary of State to have the courage to do what’s right, not someone who sells the power of the office to the highest bidding campaign contributor.”

Of Shane Schoeller’s $324,797.12 raised this period, $250,000 (77% of his total) came from a single donor. For his campaign, Schoeller has received $400,000 from that donor, Rex Sinquefield, accounting for 41% of his total campaign budget so far. 

Kander, on the other hand, has 1,623 donors, and his largest supporter accounts for just 3.7% of the $1,086,203 he has raised for his campaign.

The report Kander filed today with the Missouri Ethics Commission shows:

  • The campaign received $145,541.89 in monetary contributions during the past roughly one-month reporting period.
  • The campaign has now raised $1,086,203.19 during this election cycle, and has $956,036.22 cash on hand remaining.

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