Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Missouri GOP: SB 749 override a vote for religious liberty

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

David Cole, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party, released the following statement praising the General Assembly’s override of Jay Nixon’s veto of SB 749:
“For only the 8th time in more than 130 years—and the 2nd time in Jay Nixon’s term—Missouri’s lawmakers have overridden a gubernatorial veto.  This rare and historic vote is a bipartisan rebuke of Jay Nixon, who sided with Barack Obama in an attempt to force Missouri employers into violating their religious beliefs.  Our Republican-led legislature should be commended for standing up against Obamacare and for religious liberty—something Jay Nixon should have done, but didn’t.”


Anonymous said...

To All Who Voted for the Override of SB 749

You consider yourself 'pro-life'. Affordable access to birth control is the best way to reduce the need for abortion, yet you voted to take birth control decisions away from women.

Unlike many of your constituents, you have a good paying job, probably with health coverage (quite likely paid for by my tax dollars). Birth control is a real pocketbook issue for women. You just voted to allow employers to force women to pay extra for birth control when they already pay health insurance premiums that should cover all FDA approved prescriptions.

I'm disappointed in your vote to override the Governor's veto of SB 749.

Health issues, are health issues. Freedom of Religion includes freedom from religious dictates. Women are people who should be provided equal protections from discrimination under the law.

Businesses are legal entities; not people, not their individual owners. Blurring the lines between equal protection of rights of individuals vs business entities is confusing and creating many problems in our society. Being a business has long included abiding by rules and regulations that protect the rights of the individuals and people who are employed at that business, as well as the environment and communities... IMO the Citizens United ruling and those that wish to expand its interpretation are creating radical and extremist discourse and rhetoric that will likely end up in the courts and divide our country even further in the near future.

That makes me sad. SB749 is only one such example IMO. Granting rights to insurance companies, any business, any company rather than equal protection of the rights of individuals makes this about more than women. Much more.

Employers do not own employees. When all rights and powers and control are given to employers, they become "owners". A fine distinction of utmost importance.

Discrimination is discrimination. Rape is rape. Fair is fair. The MO Legislature's action is unacceptable, discriminatory and unfair.

Anonymous said...

Contraception is not the way to stop abortion: keeping your pants on is. You assume people are too stupid to be able to do that. That, like animals, they just need to be sterilized instead of making the conscious decision to not hump everything they see. Contraception just leads to a mindset that the result of sex (children) is bad and something to be avoided. It actually is what causes the widespread use of abortion because it is the forerunner that is twisting the true nature of sex and reproduction. Rape is rape. But a child is a child. So, no matter how small, that child has a right to life, regardless what the mother feels about her reproductive rights. And we don't need to be making widespread laws legalizing abortion based on the relatively small number of cases where a woman is pregnant because of rape. That is simply a charged issue blurring the truth that we have no say who lives and who dies.

Anonymous said...

"ANONYMOUS", you really show your ignorance: the contraception pill can CAUSE a spontaneous abortion; it creates an environment in the uterus that won't sustain a viable embryo, therefore... You are just out for infanticide, that's right up there with HITLER!