Thursday, July 02, 2015

Americans for Prosperity launches new right-to-work radio ad

(From Americans for Prosperity Missouri)

Today Americans for Prosperity Missouri launched a new radio ad to promote the importance of bringing more choice to the Show Me State via Right-to-Work legislation. This latest investment augments the growing effort Americans for Prosperity is planning in the coming months.

Listen to the ad HERE:

On the heels of the launch, AFP-Missouri State Director Patrick Werner had the following to say:

"Our organization has long been on the front lines in the fight for worker freedom and more choices for families here in Missouri. This new ad reaffirms our commitment to bringing more jobs and opportunities to our state. Legislators came together with overwhelming majorities in both chambers in support of this job creating legislation, but the Governor cast his vote for more economic stagnation with a veto. Citizens are largely in favor of these protections , so we believe it’s time to adopt a good idea already embraced by 25 other states, and put Missouri on a long-term path to prosperity."

The new radio buy came on the heels of a statewide television ad launched a week ago, which explained that right-to-work legislation has led to booming job growth in surrounding states.

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