Friday, October 02, 2015

State legislature to examine Bright Futures USA use of taxpayer dollars

The Missouri Legislature has appropriated $400,000 for Bright Futures USA over the past three years, but the not-for-profit may have trouble holding on that funding.

Rep. Charlie Davis, R-Webb City, told KZRG that the House Budget Committee will examine whether it should give the organization any more money, and David said he has some concerns about BFUSA.

"Some of the information that's come to light where there has been some out-of-state travel, and recruitment of schools outside of the state of Missouri has some concerns raised."

As the Turner Report has noted, most of BFUSA's funding has come from Missouri taxpayers and from the one-time only $2,500 signup fees schools pay to join Bright Futures. Tax records indicate the organization has had little luck with its varied fundraisers.

While the Show-Me State has 23 affiliates the BFUSA website indicates that more than one-third of the affiliates are out-of-state, including four affiliates in Arkansas, one in Iowa, four in Kansas, one in North Carolina, one in Oklahoma, and one in Virginia.


Anonymous said...

Aren't the BFUSA VISTA volunteers also another indirect taxpayer subsidy for BFUSA?

BFUSA has three according to their website.

How do nonprofits qualify to be part of the VISTA program?

Anonymous said...

Good for Charle Davis!

Anonymous said...

All over but the crying

Anonymous said...

Huff and stuff slush fund.. Separate from Brighr Futures. Not in the audit. Separate operation. I think it has cleared millions.....