Monday, June 27, 2016

Superintendent search firms to make presentations to Joplin R-8 Board

Superintendent search firms will make their presentations to the Joplin R-8 Board of Education during its 6 p.m. Tuesday meeting.

The meeting will be a preceded by a closed session at 5:30 p.m.

Meeting Agenda

A. Call to Order

1. Roll Call

B. Pledge of Allegiance

C. Approval of Agenda - Action

D. Superintendent Search Firm Interviews - Action (Dr. Ridder)

1. BWP and Associates - 6:05

2. McPherson and Jacobson, L.L.C. - 6:30

3. Ray and Associates, Inc. - 6:55

E. Reports

1. Board President's Report

a. Celebrations - Info. (Jeff Koch)

b. BOE Policy Committee Update - Info. (L. Banwart & J. Martucci)

c. BOE Data Analysis Committee Update - Info. (J. Koch, S. Dermott & L. Musser)

d. BOE Finance, Salary, and Benefits Committee - Info. (Dr. Fort & J. Martucci)

e. BOE Safety Committee - Info. (Dr. Fort & C. Sloan)

2. Superintendent's Data Report

a. FEMA Update - Info. (Paul Barr)

b. Health and Dental Care Insurance Reports - Info. (Paul Barr)

c. Health Plan TPA - Info. (Paul Barr)

d. Employee Health Committee Follow-up Report - Info. (Paul Barr)

e. Financial Statements - Info. (Paul Barr)

F. Public Comments Regarding Agenda Items *

G. Consent Agenda - Action

1. Approve Minutes - Action (Pat Waldo)

2. Personnel Recommendations - Action (Dr. Ridder)

H. Regular Agenda

1. Accounts Payable - Action (Paul Barr)

2. Budget Adjustments - Action (Paul Barr)

3. Budget 2016-17 - Action (Paul Barr)

4. Fund Transfer Authority - Action (Paul Barr)

5. Student Supply Bid - Action (Paul Barr)

6. Staff Evaluation Software Renewal (TalentEd Perform) - Action (Dr. Ridder)

7. Annual Peopleware Renewal for Infinite Campus - Action (Eric Pitcher)

8. Weidenhammer Alio Maintenance Renewal - Action (Eric Pitcher)

9. Local Tax Effort (LTE) Billbacks - Action (Mark Barlass)

10. Appointment of BOE Treasurer and Secretary 2016-17 - Action (Dr. Ridder)

11. Policy Update First Reading - Action (Dr. Ridder)

a. Policy IGAEB: Teaching About Human Sexuality

b. Policy JECA: Admission of Students

c. Policy JECC: Assignment of Students to Grade Levels/Classes

12. NWEA Measure of Academic Progress Interim Assessment - Action (Dr. Ridder)

13. enVision Math Materials for 2016-17 - Action (Dr. Ridder)

14. Algebra I Textbook Adoption for JHS - Action (Dr. Ridder)

15. Window Tinting of Classrooms at Joplin High School - Action (Dr. Ridder)

16. Security Fencing Around Modular Classrooms at Columbia, Jefferson and Kelsey Norman - Action (Dr. Ridder)

17. Approve Bid for the Demolition of Parking Lots at Irving Elementary - Action (Dr. Ridder)

18. Approve Bid for Trash Can Liners - Action (Dr. Ridder)

19. Approve Bid for Toilet Paper - Action (Dr. Ridder)

20. Marketing Services for FTC Adult Programs - Action (Dr. Ridder)

21. iMac Computers for FTC's Computer Information Program FY 17 DESE Enhancement Grant Funding - Action (Dr. Ridder)

22. Plus/Delta - Info. (Dr. Ridder)

a. Plus: What did we do well

b. Delta: Opportunities for Improvement

I. BOE Announcements

J. Adjourn


Anonymous said...

Millions for toilet paper, but not a cent for two worthless PR positions.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they are going to do individual votes for toilet paper and trash liners. Jeff is one heck of a President.

Anonymous said...

Barr's FEMA update with the financial report should be interesting!

Anonymous said...

Interesting: Now they notice that all the glass walls are not working and the windows are being tinted. Great, forward-thinking design? Can't wait for the explanation and price tag. Is this covered by FEMA funds?

Anonymous said...

Of course it's covered by FEMA! It's a disaster.