Monday, June 20, 2016

Joplin city manager provides weekly update

(City Manager Sam Anselm provided the following update to the Joplin City Council Friday.)

Good afternoon, everyone. Please see below for this week’s update.

Key Meetings 

-On Monday, I had separate meetings with Councilman Shaw and Councilman West to discuss the assistant city manager position, budget, and a number of other topics.

-On Tuesday, Mayor Seibert, Neighborhood Services Supervisor Stephen Grindle, and I met with a resident to talk about the East Town neighborhood and ways to get involved in those improvement efforts.

-On Thursday, Chief Stewart and I attended the Fuel the Four States regional recruiting meeting to continue the discussion about ways that area employers can work together to retain and recruit quality employees to our region. We heard updates from the police department, the school district, and Downtown Joplin, and have planned another meeting to continue the conversation.

-Earlier this afternoon, I met with Callie Hudson to discuss things going on downtown. Despite the heat, last night’s Third Thursday was well-attended. I will also begin attending their monthly board meetings to provide information and answer questions.


-Beginning on Monday, Assistant to the City Manager Brian Kelly will be temporarily reassigned to human resources to help them work on a few projects over the next several months. He will continue to develop our volunteer program, but some of the most valuable experience I received to prepare me for my position was working in human resources, and Brian is excited about the opportunity to help out.

-I have reached out to the Center for Priority Based Budgeting to get a summary of the most recent survey we completed on defining the Results that we have identified ("Safe, secure, prepared community" etc.). As soon as I get a copy I will send it along, well in advance of the work session to present the fiscal health diagnostic tool.

In the Pipeline 

-Next Saturday, June 25th, several neighborhoods will be having an ice cream social as a way to make new connections and build relationships in their neighborhood communities. The East Town, Freeman Grove, Murphysburg, North Heights and Oak Pointe neighborhoods have signed on so far. If you think you would like to host a social, please let me know, and I can put you in touch with the right person to get some tips leading up to the event. But it’s designed to be a relaxed, no pressure event to meet some potential new friends, and what sounds better right now than some ice cream?

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