Friday, June 24, 2016

Missouri Right to Life endorses Brunner for governor

(From the John Brunner campaign)

Missouri’s largest and most influential political organization dedicated to protecting the lives of the unborn, Missouri Right to Life PAC, has announced that it has endorsed John Brunner for Governor.

“I’m thrilled to have won Missouri Right to Life PAC’s endorsement,” Brunner said. “Whether it’s standing up to protect the lives of the unborn or working in mission fields across the world, Jan and I have always believed in putting our faith into action. Missouri needs a constitutional conservative outsider for Governor – not a liberal and not a career politician like Chris Koster.”

Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee (MRL PAC) was established as the political action arm of Missouri Right to Life with the express directive to endorse candidates for political office who, according to MRL PAC bylaws and criteria, would be the best and most effective voice for the unborn.

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Anonymous said...

What damned difference does it make who this group endorses? Abortion is the law of the land and has been for almost half a century. No Governor is going to get it overturned and that is a take to the bank fact. One of the major problems with the Republicans in Missouri is that the Legislature keeps passing laws in the vain attempt to limit abortions and then the State spends vast amounts of tax payer money in the vain attempt to keep the Courts from striking those laws down. There are some things that the good folk of Missouri need to realize and one of those is that it does not matter what this guy believes on the subject of abortion, he will be powerless to do one damned thing about it. If you all really want to limit the number of abortions, then make adultery a major felony and start prosecuting people for that crime. Oh yeah, start in Jefferson City.