Sunday, June 26, 2016

Links provided to this week's top Turner Report/Inside Joplin posts

In this week's most visited Turner Report, I apologized for writing a post about former Joplin R-8 Chief Operations Officer Tina Smith and using a picture of Margaret Hamilton in her famous 1939 role as the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz.

Surprisingly, the post I was apologizing for only finished in the number three spot. Otherwise, top Turner Report posts,with only two exceptions were about Joplin R-8 topics.

The top Inside Joplin post was published today and concerned the death of a Joplin woman in a motorcycle accident and the arrest of the driver of that motorcycle on DWI and felony manslaughter charges. Not only did the post receive the most traffic of any post on this week on Inside Joplin, but at this writing it is already received more traffic than any Inside Joplin post since the blog began in November 2013.

The Turner Report

1. Turner Report apologizes for Tina Smith post

2. Huff, R-8 officials received numerous warnings Victory Ministries lawsuit would be filed

3. Goodbye Tina Smith- and good riddance

4. Eggleston: No parents complained to me about field trip

5. Joplin R-8 spending thousands to send employees on PR junket

6. Joplin City Audit followup- The cover up continues

7. Latest nonsense: No one will want Joplin superintendent job

8. Arraignment set for man accused of taking photos in Wal-Mart dressing room

9. Joplin R-8 officials on field trip: We didn't do anything wrong

10. Joplin R-8 Board to discuss policy that warns about sexting between friends

Inside Joplin

1. Joplin woman killed, motorcyclist cited for DWI, manslaughter

2. Joplin, Diamond men charged with burglary, robbery, felonious restraint

3. Three motorcyclists injured in four-vehicle crash near Carthage

4. Joplin Police Department Weekend Arrests

5. Decomposing body found in Nixa Wendy's parking lot

6. Carthage teen, 5-year-old injured following tire blowout

7. Barton County Dissolutions of Marriage Petition

8. JPD seeking information on road rage incident on I-44

9. Highway Patrol DWI Arrests June 25-26

10. Driver arrested for DWI, airlifted to Freeman after scooter accident

Inside Joplin Obituaries

1. Carolyn Mitchell

2. Sunny Keith

3. Sam Miller

4. Ruth Eldridge

5. Sharon Fretwell

6. Sue Wardlow

7. Vera Scribner

8. Richard Ogle

9. Nicole Shaner

10. Donna Evans


Anonymous said...

8 of top 10 posts are r-8 related. Is it any wonder these get the most traffic? It continues to be all you write about. Obsess much? Sad....

Really? said...

Yes a seasoned journalist, you should know better than to write about local corruption, coverups, and the ongoing devastation to the lives of local people. A REAL reporter glorifies those currently in power in our local institutions and then collecting ad revenue from local businesses.

You know nothing Randy Turner!