Saturday, August 06, 2016

While awaiting trial for shooting at deputy in 2013, CJ man charged with sodomy

While he awaits trial on felony charges that include firing a gun at a Jasper County deputy nearly three years ago Dennis Caleb Goode has been keeping busy.

On Friday, the Vernon County Prosecuting Attorney charged Goode with two counts of sodomy.

The charges are the latest in a long list of felony charges dating back to the turn of the century.

The question that remains is why Goode, 34, formerly of Carl Junction, was still walking the streets and why his actions three years ago in Jasper County are still pending in Jasper County Circuit Court. 

Goode's Jasper County charges stem from a three-county crime spree on October 26, 2013. He was charged with burglary and resisting arrest in Newton County.  After Goode fled Newton County, the Jasper County Sheriff's Office says a deputy tried to stop a red pickup at 13th and Central City Road. The driver refused to stop, leaned out the window and fired a shot that hit the hood and the windshield of the patrol car. The driver and a female passenger fled, and were chased into Galena, where he managed to get away. Goode was charged with assaulting a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, and shooting from a motor vehicle.

Goode, driving a pickup that met that description, was arrested in Branson the following morning.

At that time, Newton County authorities indicated Goode may have been involved in the October 15, 2013, home invasion murder of Jeffrey Slama, 58, Joplin. Goode denied any involvement, telling KODE reporter Gretchen Bolander he did not kill Slama because "that is something a coward would do."

Part of the reason it has taken so long for Goode's case to wind its way through the Jasper County court system is that he was behind bars in Newton County.

Judge Tim Perigo sentenced Goode to one year in the county jail. Online court records indicate Goode, who was given credit for time served, was released October 25, 2014.

Goode's trial date on the Jasper County charges stemming from the 2013 three-county crime spree is set for November 12.

Those charges, however, are not the only ones Goode faces. He is also charged with four other felonies, two counts of forgery, and two counts of resisting arrest on a felony charge.

Jasper County Circuit Court records show that a 9 a.m. September 2 hearing is scheduled for Goode on one count of forgery and resisting arrest, but don't expect that hearing to take place. It has been postponed 14 times already dating back more than a year and a half.

The delays in Goode's cases are not the work of a high-priced criminal attorney. Goode is represented by public defender Larry Maples.

The other resisting arrest charge against Goode dates back to July 17, 2013, according to court records. A September 2 hearing is also scheduled for that case.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if they would adhere to the speedy trial law, things like this wouldn't happen. And relying on personal experience, I wouldn't necessarily believe what law enforcement officials write in the 'official' court records.

Saul Alinsky said...

Randy, I'm excited to see the next person whose character you choose to assassinate! Looks like you've got it narrowed down to Nate Dally and Judge David Mouton. Keep up the good work spreading half-truths in the name of your brand of "journalism!"

Saul Alinsky said...

choose to assassinate! Looks like you've got it narrowed down to Nate Dally and Judge David Mouton. Keep up the good work spreading half-truths in the name of your brand of "journalism!"

Anonymous said...

And yet, we had another habitual criminal walking the streets looking for his next victim. The question is are the Courts afraid of these guys or just to damned inept to lock them up for the amount of time they deserve to serve. Maybe in the next home invasion, the homeowner will just kill this damned guy.

Anonymous said...

He was never on the streets after Newton county

Anonymous said...

He's been in the custody of the Jasper County Jail for the past two years.