Monday, November 27, 2017

Mother's claim in lawsuit: North Middle School teacher groomed my son and had sex with him

The mother of a former North Middle School student who was allegedly the victim of a statutory rape by one of his teachers filed a lawsuit on the boy's behalf November 3 in Jasper County Circuit Court.

In the petition, the lawyers for the woman and son claim reading teacher Amanda Schweitzer, 37, groomed the 13-year-old boy through text messages and social media, creating an atmosphere that led to the two having sex on March 29.

Schweitzer's trial on a statutory rape charge is scheduled to begin April 11 in Jasper County Circuit Court with Judge Dean Dankelson presiding and is expected to last three days.

The civil suit details the events that stage for the boy, who is referred to as C. A. in the petition, to have sex with his teacher at her home:

In early 2017, Schweitzer began grooming C.A. via social media and text message in violation of JSD policies. On or about March 29, 2017, C.A. was late for the bus and subsequently missed school. 

Schweitzer messaged C.A. when she noticed he was not at school. Schweitzer subsequently drove to his home and picked him up without the consent of his mother. 

While at her home, Schweitzer engaged in sexual intercourse with C.A. As a result of the encounter, C.A. has been sustained emotional injuries. In addition, C.A. was forced to finish the semester off campus after the encounter with Schweitzer came to light. He subsequently transferred schools. 

The lawsuit alleges "negligent infliction of emotional distress." The plaintiffs are asking for a jury trial.

The lawyer for the woman and son is Michael Fleming of the Kapke & Willerth firm of Lee's Summit.

The local law firm involved is Elizabeth Turner Law, LLC.


Clever Moniker said...

Is she suing the district or just Schweitzer?

Randy said...

Schweitzer is the only defendant listed on the lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

There should be some accountability from the school district. They need to do thorough criminal & social background checks and psychological evaluations on every emplyee.
These people are entrusted with our children.

Anonymous said...

Not sure you'd want to conduct to stringent of a background check in that area as you might lose the entire workforce. Jasper County sucks!