Thursday, November 30, 2017

Report: Trump pressured Roy Blunt to end Senate Russia probe

At an August 30 rally in Springfield, President Donald Trump made his first push for tax reform, beginning with an introduction of all of the Republican dignitaries in the crowd, noting especially Sen. Roy Blunt and Seventh District Congressman Billy Long, who were among those who flew from the nation's capital to Springfield on Air Force One.

After that the glowing words for the Republicans and a few words about lowering taxes, Trump turned his attention to Missouri's other senator, Democrat Claire McCaskill.

And your Senator, Claire McCaskill, she must do this for you. And if she doesn't do it for you, you have to have to vote her out of office. She's got to make that commitment. She's got to make that commitment. If she doesn't do it, you just can't do this anymore, with the obstruction and the obstructionists.

Trump's choice of words was particularly ironic. On the way to Missouri and citing Claire McCaskill for obstruction, the president was involved in something that fit the term much better.

A New York Times report published this evening indicates that on the same day Trump ripped McCaskill for obstruction, he was doing his best to convince her fellow member of Missouri's senatorial delegation, Blunt, to derail the Russia investigation:

One of them was Mr. Blunt, who was flying on Air Force One with Mr. Trump to Springfield, Mo., in August when he found himself being lobbied by the president “to wrap up this investigation,” according to a Republican official familiar with the conversation.

Mr. Blunt was not bothered by Mr. Trump’s comments, the official said, because he did not see them bearing a “sinister motive.’’

The Times article noted that Trump has lobbied both Blunt, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and the chairman of that committee, Sen. Richard Burr, R-North Carolina, and that both senators have attempted to keep their distance from Trump because of the investigation.


Anonymous said...

Shelby Colon was released from Cherokee County Jail at 2:18pm today. Her bond reduced to $25,000. I wonder how long before she skips town?

Anonymous said...

When the President does it, that means that it's not illegal.

Richard M. Nixon

Anonymous said...

Mr. Blunt was not bothered by Mr. Trump’s comments, the official said, because he did not see them bearing a “sinister motive.’’

I believe that Roy Blunt is well qualified (he happens to be married to a former tobacco lobbyist) to know what a sinister motive is!

Commonsense Ten ad accuses Roy Blunt of secretly adding provision to benefit tobacco giant Philip Morris while girlfriend and son lobbied for the company

Anonymous said...

With today's indictment of Flynn we see there is no nothing in this Mueller nothing burger!

Anonymous said...

So the nothing burger now has extra patsies errr patties- Jared Kushner and K.T Mcfartland!

Also now the nothing burger has some email special sauce.