Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kim Frencken: When tragedy strikes the education community

When tragedy strikes in the education community it affects all of us. No matter where we live in relation to the incident it belongs to us. 

News stories of shootings and disasters bring a pause with a shiver of dread. We all hold our breath for just a second or two and touch our hearts thinking of the children. It doesn't matter if we've never seen the child or know the teachers or even if we've ever been to the city. It hurts us. We ache with each report and say a silent prayer for all involved.

And, we pray it never happens to our kids, in our school. But we all know that it could. At any given time. On any day. It could be us on the evening news. We strive to be more vigilant and more prepared, but we know in this crazy world that bad things happen to the innocent. So, in addition to our teaching responsibilities we become skilled in the art of protection. Hoping we never have to use the skills that we learn in annual training sessions.

We protect, guard, nurture, and teach a new generation. Then we go home and care for our loved ones. We do our best to protect the purity of trusting little people. We do not want them to know the lengths that we go to or the worries that we have. We do not want them to worry about bad things. Instead we want them to experience the beauty of childhood. To enjoy being children. For just a little while longer.

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