Thursday, October 18, 2018

Out-of-county judge, seventh judge so far, to be assigned to Jalen Vaden murder case

After the recusal Wednesday of Joseph Hensley, the last Jasper County judge eligible to hear the Jalen Vaden murder trial, the case will be assigned to an out-of-county judge.

Jasper County Circuit Court online records show Presiding Judge David Mouton has asked the Missouri Supreme Court to appoint a special judge to handle the case.

Vaden, 23, Carl Junction, is charged with second degree murder and felony child abuse in connection with the December 1 death of Jayda Kyle, 3, at the home Vaden shared with the child's mother, Devyn Kyle.

The first judge assigned to the case in the trial division was Dean Dankelson. Vaden's attorney, Tracey Martin, filed a motion asking Dankelson to recuse because of his friendship with the victim's grandfather, attorney Judd McPherson.

When Dankelson overruled the motion, something that does not happen often, Martin used her one automatic change of judge request and the case was assigned to David Mouton, who recused October 1.

Since that time, the case has seen brief intervals with Gayle Crane, John Nicholas, Stephen Carlton and Hensley as judge.


Anonymous said...

I would think people would be happy with this decision , he will have a judge with an unbiased opinion. The conspiracy theories are INSANE. Of course Judd, know these judges , he tries cases in front of them everyday. These judges are doing the smart thing , "if" he's found guilty, that could've been a reason for an appeal. Everyone should stop making this about Devyn, Judd, & Jalen, & remember Jayda. Evidence doesnt lie, I think many are going to be shocked when the trial does come.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree