Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Neosho City Attorney: City Council members conducting business by text message is "a non-story"

The revelation that Neosho City Council members were conducting city business by text message in an apparent violation of the Missouri Sunshine Law does not appear to bother City Attorney Steve Hays much, according to a KODE report.

Hays noted, as reported earlier in the Turner Report, that complaints have been filed with the attorney general's office, but they will find that "this is a non-story."

Neosho resident Rebecca Williams confirmed the Sunshine Law violations when she received copirs of the text messages through a Sunshine Law request with the city. The messages were received from council members Mayor Ben Baker, currently a candidate for House of Representatives, Jon Stephens, William Doubek and Tom Workman.

No messages were provided by the other City Council member, Carmin Allen, who according to City Clerk Rachel Holcomb, deletes his text messages every morning, also an apparent Sunshine Law violation.

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Anonymous said...

Really, you cannot expect to see honest work in Neosho as it is as devious as any in the state or national group. Anyone knowing anything about the history of Neosho is that was and is being run by a small gang of "thugs" of city fathers that know what is best for the city. Sometimes it is all right to help direct, but in Neosho it ordered to do this or that for the good of the lawyers and bankers in town. Look at what the schools have accomplished, making it sole contractor, Branham receiver of all the school construction over the last 20-30 years. All this is well and good, but each school worked on has had roof leaks, electrical problems with all repairs taken out of pocket by the school and not the builder.