Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Cynthia Davis: Democratic Party is the party of perverts, socialism, abortion and pedophilia

(Former Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O'Fallon, who authored this column, is an internet radio talk show host.)

When I lived in Massachusetts, so many of my friends were Democrats, I didn't know anyone who was a Republican. They were Democrats from birth and they believed their Party was about helping blue collar workers get higher wages, which was supposed to help strengthen families.

If they could see what the Democratic Party has become today, especially with what happened to the Justice Kavanaugh confirmation, it would have sickened them. It's obvious that we're playing with a different set of rules.

The Democratic party today is against the values that made America strong - life, liberty, and economic freedom. They may try to claim a concern about morality, but it's a humanistic Pseudo-morality, not a Biblical morality. This party has made a mockery out of the Constitution and believes the ends justify the means. What they did to the Kavanaugh confirmation process turned it into a political lynching that nobody in this Country deserves to suffer.

We have seen tantrums that would make a two-year-old look tame, people clawing the doors of the Supreme Court, yelling at Senators, spraying graffiti, etc. The Party that used to give the appearance of tolerance and accepting anybody has proven that it is not willing to be tolerant of those espousing Christian values. The confirmation debate that should have been about Constitutional jurisprudence never happened.

The Democratic Party is unquestionably committed to transforming America---into a habitat for Socialism, Globalism and a place where mobs rule and where access to justice depends on connections.

Here is a list of the Democratic Party agenda:

1. Abortion for any reason at any time at any cost.

2. The dilution and reversal of American exceptionalism (America is not good, great, unique, or a Constitutional example to the rest of the world). We need to look to (usually) socialist countries for guidance.

3. The eventual committal to rationing of healthcare via governmental takeover. The government that controls healthcare and chooses who gets it (when, where and how) truly controls behavior.

4. The destruction of the Electoral College, redefinition of a citizen, and who can communicate during elections. This is achieved through immigration reform, "compassion", and also aided by campaign finance reform.

5. The disarming of Americans. Gun control is historically linked to tyranny's march to control.

These character assassinations, violence, and anarchist tactics are not a passing fad. They will emerge again next time. Eventually, there will be no room for dissent.

This is about truth. If we are honest, we must accept truth, regardless of whether we like it or not. The Kavanaugh political lynching was about an effort to change the way we do Supreme Court nominations. These appointments are not supposed to be political. That's why the nominees are appointed rather than having to run campaigns to get votes. The obstructionists made this a political event by trying to rile up the people.

When did the party of sexual perversion, abortion, illegal drugs, pedophilia and all things godless suddenly have a moral concern about alleged sexual behavior, throwing ice and drinking? Those left in the Democratic Party either don't care about these core issues, or they are cringing and getting ready to leave.

If you are in the Democratic Party or know someone who is in the Democratic Party, we need to offer a moment of compassion. It's hard to leave a tradition. However, the damage done to our Country by the leaders of this party has dug deep into the fabric of our souls. It's time for every Democrat member to reconsider if this still resonates with one's belief system.

Pray for your neighbors who may be submerged in this flawed ideology to have the courage to walk away. Pray for God to open their hearts and eyes to see how they have been led down a toxic path. There are other choices.

I am glad that truth and justice prevailed this time. However, if the morality of our Nation continues to slide, we shouldn't be surprised if it gets worse. Without sharing a foundation of Biblical principles, our common ideals will erode. I hope this process was a wake-up call for all of us who thought any political party would take care of everything for us.


Anonymous said...

Can I throw up now? What a hypocrite. Says she, who voted for Trump. Laughable. #VoteBlue2018

Anonymous said...

Why does she write about her Mass. friends like they are all dead???

Anonymous said...

What a nut job.
I’m a Republican and embarrassed to have someone so extreme and radical speak as if she represents me.
Both parties have positive and negative points. We need two parties so one can balance out the other. All this pseudo righteous indignation on both sides is just plain childish and counterproductive.

Anonymous said...

Amen! Degenerates All!

Anonymous said...

Corruption throughout the government. However, I will have to say that the Democratic Party has finally gone off the deep end. Eric Holder calling for "kicking them" & Hillary Clinton saying "don't be civil" (reference to the Republican Party)
They are definitely proving they are seethibg with hatred and want to promote harm and violence to anyone who does not share their opinions or beliefs.
I used to vote Democrat, that won't happen ever again, if the Democrats don't stop inciting violence.
I am so ashamed of their behavior.

Unknown said...

Rep O’Fallon Anonymous 4:29 have it perfect. With Bernie and Alexa Ocasio Corte they will soon be full time Communists

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice & text

Anonymous said...

Takes one to know one!

Anonymous said...

Definition of communist please. Easy to throw that word around but what exactly is it

Anonymous said...

She would fit right in with Kanye, Kid Rock, Ted Code Brown Nugent and Dornald tRUMP in the Oval Orfice.

Evan Gelical said...

Isn't it funny how republican accusations are really confessions? Democrats are violent? You hypocrites that call yourselves republicans have a president that is condoning violence at his "Pump Donny's Ego" rallies.

Keep going with your fascist party Harvey. You might even grow a little "Hitler" mustache before you go goosestepping past der Trumpenfuhrer's parade stand. Make sure to hold your little right arm straight out, tilt your little tin foil hat to one side and blow him a kiss as you go by. He likes that a lot. Thousands of people say that all the time. Bigly huge!

Anonymous said...

This woman is a pure liar just like the orange dotard she calls president. The republican party relies on corruption, fear, hate and lies to do their work. Republicans elected a traitorous pervert as president. Everything from kowtowing to Putin, pu&&y grabbing, walking into female dressing rooms, taking children from their parents, alienating our allies, and writing love letters to Kim Jong Un is acceptable to republicans. Trying to bully countries with tariffs while destroying farms and jobs in the US is acceptable to these republicans. A corrupt, complicit and cowardly republican controlled congress allows this to happen. There is your definition of republican.

Yeah, the democrats have gone off the deep end.