Thursday, October 25, 2018

Arkansas truck driver arrested at Judy's Truck Stop in Jasper on meth charge sentenced to 10 years

A federal judge sentenced a Rogers, Arkansas trucker to 10 years in prison Monday in U. S. District Court in Springfield.

During a nine-minute hearing, Judge Douglas Harpool also required Phillip Allen Northcutt, 58, to spend five years on supervised probation following his prison term.

Northcutt's crime was spelled out in the plea agreement:

The crime committed by Phillip Allen Northcutt, 58, was spelled out in the plea agreement:

On Saturday, October 22, 2016, at approximately 9:44 p.m., Jasper Police Chief Karr made contact with subjects who had exited a maroon semi with Oregon registration on the middle west end of Judy’s Truck Stop lot, in Jasper, Missouri. 

Chief Karr initiated contact after he had received information from a confidential informant about a semi driver who was transporting a large amount of methamphetamine.

The semi driver, Phillip Northcutt, was delivering a large amount of methamphetamine to a subject in the Jasper area.

After conducting surveillance of Judy’s Truck Stop, Chief Karr observed a tractor-trailer unit matching the description he had been given, then observed the driver of the vehicle, who matched the description of Northcutt.

Chief Karr approached the driver of the semi and introduced himself as a law enforcement officer. The driver confirmed he was Phillip Northcutt. Northcutt told Chief Karr, “I know what you are wanting. It’s in the fridge in the cab. It’s two kilos of ice.”

Northcutt was detained in handcuffs, and Chief Karr read Northcutt Miranda warnings.

Chief Karr questioned Northcutt in reference to the drugs, and Northcutt admitted that he was supposed to be delivering drugs to M.R., who lives near Jasper, Missouri.

Northcutt explained that the amount of money M.R. had would dictate how much methamphetamine Northcutt was going to sell to M.R. Northcutt explained to Chief Karr that he picked up the two kilograms of methamphetamine earlier in the day in Texas. Northcutt gave consent to search the truck.

Barton County Sheriff’s Deputy Toby Luce was on scene to assist. Deputy Luce ran his police service dog around the exterior of the truck, and gave a positive indication for the odor of drugs.

Once the dog was inside the truck, the dog went straight for a small compact refrigerator in the cab. Deputy Luce opened the refrigerator and observed two “bricks” of suspected methamphetamine wrapped in plastic wrap in a shopping bag in the refrigerator.

Chief Karr observed the bricks and estimated that each weighed approximately two pounds. Northcutt told Chief Karr the substance inside was “ice.”

Det. Walker interviewed Northcutt, who stated he picked up the methamphetamine from a Hispanic male who he knew only as “J,” in McAllen, Texas. Northcutt said he had transported 80 pounds of marijuana for “J” about one month earlier. Northcutt said he picked the marijuana up from “J” in McAllen and transported it to Lowell, where “J” met him and took possession of the marijuana.

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His daddy and and momma are crying as they are turning over in their graves right now. They loved him too much for his own good