Thursday, December 06, 2018

Blunt: President Bush stood up straight, took responsibility, shared the credit and took the blame

(From Sen. Roy Blunt)

This week, I went down to the Senate floor to pay my respects to a great statesman, president, husband, and father.

President George H.W. Bush had the best qualities of his generation, the Greatest Generation. He stood up straight, took responsibility, shared the credit, and took the blame.

When the Soviet Union collapsed during his presidency, he exemplified the best of American diplomacy and helped steer Eastern Europe toward democracy. From World War II naval pilot to president of the United States, George H.W. Bush's example and service made a world changing difference.

You can watch the full remarks here and read the excerpts below:

“Certainly in Missouri, we claim part of the Bush family. His mother grew up in Missouri. The Walkers were from Missouri, and he treated Missouri like it was one of the states that he was connected to by relationship. His Uncle Herbert, along with his grandfather and later his Uncle Herbert and the rest of the family, would go in the summer to Walker's Point, named after that Missouri part of his family, just like the Walker's Cup is named after that part of his family. The impact of his mother is pretty great. I heard the president talking the other day on an interview with Jenna Bush about who he would look for when he got to heaven and that was a couple years ago, I think and he said, well, if Barbara has gone there first, I think the right answer would be, I'm going to look for her first. But then he said, and I think my mom and my dad. He said their daughter that they had lost when she was three, Robin, but his mother was an important part of his life. And you could tell that in talking to him or his children that remembered their grandmother and you could see a lot of what she taught him in him.

“Another part of his upbringing was sort of the upbringing of in many ways the best values of that World War II generation. Stand up straight, take responsibility, share credit, take blame. Those were all part of who George Herbert Walker Bush had become. That idea that you should do what you're supposed to do; that idea of the importance of service to others. …

“And then, Mr. President, the collapse of the Soviet Union. We have just enough time now to look back and I've heard many others in the last few days talk about how that could have gone so badly wrong for all of the other countries that were trying to emerge from the domination of Russia and the Soviet Union. But George Herbert Walker Bush on the phone, reaching out, talking to leaders, seeing the things that had just been predicted by the West Germans themselves to be impossible, that somehow East Germany could become part of West Germany is exactly what happened. The President encouraged, stood beside, went out of the way to be sure that Helmut Kohl, the leader of West Germany, had the kind of support that he and his government needed to reach out and bring this country that had been isolated for 40 years, this part of the country back into the country, that all of these East European countries that were emerging from Soviet domination had a chance to move from domination to democracy. That would not have happened the way it happened if somebody less prepared and less capable had been there.”


Anonymous said...


Meantime Howdy Doody Howley is under scrutiny!

Missouri Secretary of State Ashcroft launches investigation into Josh Hawley

"JEFFERSON CITY • Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft has launched an investigation into the way Attorney General Josh Hawley ran the office, Ashcroft’s deputy general counsel wrote to a Democratic-allied group Thursday.

The American Democracy Legal Fund wrote to Ashcroft on Nov. 2, days before the midterm elections, alleging that Hawley may have “used public funds as Attorney General to support his candidacy for U.S. Senate.”

The complaint came after the Kansas City Star reported on Oct. 31 that political advisers who would run Hawley’s U.S. Senate campaign also directed taxpayer-funded staff, confusing the attorney general office’s chain of command.

The advisers also worked to raise Hawley’s national profile after Hawley took office as attorney general, the Star reported."

Anonymous said...

Nice accusation but, as usual, NO EVIDENCE!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the rest of the republicans including Blunt do not follow in his footsteps. Kind of hilarious that they praise him and yet do not even try to do some of the things he did. As to 8:26 and his news of Hawley why would anyone be surprised of what he has done and even more so of what he will do as another corrupt Trump follower. It has to be insane the way the people follow these republicans especially Long in their quest for more riches while their citizens are struggling to just get by on their meager minimum wage. Now Trump is found out to be hiring non-documented people at his golf courses and resorts. Notice the many investigations into how he and family are personally profiting from his office which is illegal, but since he has fixed the courts it will be a wash. Crooked just like the mafia.

Anonymous said...

God bless the Bush family and all of the Trump haters.
One thing you need to ponder, after all the lying, cheating, killing and stealing the Dems did to win the 2016 election, how you think Donald Trump won the presidency in spite of it all?
One answe: God
Trump is instrumental in fulfilling the final chapter of the Bible by acknowledging Jerusalem as the caputal of Israel after years of the US presidents deferring that step.
He will also be a key player in obtaining an agreeable peace treaty with Israel in the middle east.
It's all Biblical.
He openly thanks God and brought prayer to Him, back in the white house.
He is not a perfect man, but he Has God on his side.

Maybe people should be more worried about what the end of times will bring, and about where they are going to be spending eternity, instead of tearing down a man who has God's favor.
After the Peace Treaty is signed with Israel, that is the beginning of the end.
That doesn't mean the world will end right then. It means that it is the beginning of the end of government.
That's when the anti-christ will start to come into being and nations will try to implement One World Government.

You may mock my statement and ridicule me. But if you read this post, commit it to memory, because one day seen you will remember my words and say, "I wish I would have taken heed".

God bless you all. Acts238

Hyacinth said...

To Anonymous at 11:44 a.m. I believe that it would behoove you to learn what "A Man of God" consists of. I don't think that Trump's picture would be next to the definition. Trump has detailed that he prefers not to ask for forgiveness for his actions, saying in 2015, “Why do I have to repent or ask for forgiveness, if I am not making mistakes?” A man of God makes mistakes, but he asks for forgiveness and then doesn't make the same mistake twice.

Anonymous said...

11:44 is the type that thinks Trump brought 'Merry Christmas' back.