Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Carl Junction woman, 37, found naked in bed with underage boy, enters not guilty plea

A 37-year-old Carl Junction woman is charged with felony statutory rape after police found her naked and about to have sex with an underage boy.

Francesca Lauren Mathis pleaded not guilty during a video arraignment Monday in Jasper County Circuit Court. Judge Joseph Hensley rejected Mathis' request to have her $5,000 cash-only bond reduced and scheduled a bond hearing for 8:30 a.m. Thursday, January 8.

The discovery of the alleged illegal activity took place when Jasper County Sheriff's deputies were allowed to enter a house at 110 Birch Street by its owner while conducting a follow-up. The deputies found the man they were looking for, but stumbled across another crime, according to the probable cause statement.

The owner let us into the northeast door of the residence and (the suspect) was found in the shower. As another deputy was getting him detained, there was yelling coming from an adjacent room. The door was being held open by an older style hook and loop type lock and I looked in and could see a naked woman (later identified as Francesca Mathis).

I stated it was the police and she replied, "Don't come in, I'm naked."

When she slid down to the foot of the bed, I could see the skin of another person in the room. I asked who was in the room with her and a male identified himself as (name redacted). They came out and (the boy) went outside with me to speak about what was going on.

As we walked up, I asked if he and woman were having sex and he said they were getting ready to. I then had Mathis step outside step outside (and) read Miranda warnings to her. She stated she understood and then confessed at the scene and again later in a recorded interview at the jail she had been having sex with (the boy) since April of this year and they had had intercourse on 12-18-2019. 

On 12-27-2019, at the Children's Center in a CAC interview (the boy) disclosed that he and Mathis have been in a sexual relationship for most of the year.


Anonymous said...

What a nasty biotch.

Anonymous said...

Book 'Em, Danno!

Anonymous said...

These are SW Missouri folks who vote for republicans and let us not forget some of our righteous ministers who are guilty of same offenses. Missouri is a cesspool and the politicians love it here.

Dusty Roads said...

Face picker!!

Anonymous said...

There's a mugshot at KZRG- https://newstalkkzrg.com/2019/12/31/cj-woman-facing-statutory-rape-charge/

All I can say is that I'm speechless.

I honestly don't know how the police can keep it together and show up every day to do their jobs.

Joy said...

You got that backwards it's Democrats that are for everything that is sinful you

Joy said...

It has never said how old this boy is

Anonymous said...

Wow! Yeah her mugshot says it all. DRUGSSSS
Meth heads are crazy dangerous people

Anonymous said...

Does the age of the victim matter a lot to you Joy? Apparently the victim was too young to consent, thus the alleged sex act is an alleged criminal sex act.

P.S. In 2016 Jasper County voted 72.8% for Donald Trump and 21.9% for Hillary Clinton. Not that facts matter to many Jasper County residents.

Anonymous said...

Facts matter to me and I am appalled that 21.9% voted for her!

Anonymous said...

if facts did matter to jasper county residents, we would cite our sources.

also, the change in this woman between OP picture and the mugshot on KZRG is actually quite incredible. i wonder how much time is between the photos. definitely a good candidate for jomo's next PSA poster.

Paul's Kansas City said...

The age of the victim also affects his taste in women. That’s likely about all the attention she can get!