Monday, September 18, 2006

AP offers coverage of Johnston preliminary hearing

Associated Press reporter Marcus Kabel's coverage of today's preliminary hearing for Grandview Baptist Church North pastor George Otis Johnston can be found at this link. The article includes this information:

The victim said her mother, stepfather, and four siblings joined Johnston's commune in 1997 when she was eight years old and the community was located in Newtonia in another part of Newton County.

She said the children, including others from two other families living with the church group, were told to call Johnston "grandpa" even though he was not related.

The children were repeatedly sent to Johnston's trailer for discipline and for discussions about church and family matters. Johnston had an office in the trailer and that was where he would touch the girl under her clothes while she sat on his lap, the victim said.

"His wife was in the kitchen," she told the court.

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Anonymous said...

Just to say thanks to the Newton County prosecutors office for the work you are doing to help these victims!