Saturday, September 23, 2006

Governmental affairs kick in for Scott

When is a lobbyist not a lobbyist?
The answer to that one is simple...when he or she contributes to Sen. Delbert Scott. The Lowry City Republican has received at least 21 contributions connected to lobbyists in the past year, but not once is the word lobbyist mentioned on any of the campaign disclosure statements filed by Scott with the Missouri Ethics Commission.
Most of them are listed as "governmental affairs," a phrase that would seem reminiscent of the Clinton-Lewinsky era, while others are listed by the names of their lobbying firms, one is listed as an attorney, and another is listed as a secretary.
Those listed by the names of their lobbying firms included:
-Bardgett and Associates, headed by lobbyist John Bardgett, $650
-The Swain Group, headed by Scott Swain, $650
-Governmental Services Group- headed by Scott Marrs, with clients including the city of Springfield, Missouri Hospital Association, and the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce, $130.
-Burch & Associates- headed by Jerry Burch, with clients including the Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Missouri State University, $75
-Cozad Company, $650

Those listed as "governmental affairs" included:
-Thomas Irwin, St. Louis RCGA, $125
-Roy Cagle, Joplin, $250. Cagle represents Missouri Finance Institute, which lists its address as 1101 E. 20th, Joplin, which is also listed as the address for Cagle's lobbying firm, Cagle and Associates, and Jasper County Presiding Commissioner Chuck Surface's Shelter Insurance business.
-Larry Rohrbach, lobbyist for Flotron & McIntosh, whose client list includes Edison Schools and the Missouri Charter Public Schools Association, $179.
-Kathy Harness, who represents various health concerns and the Missouri Beer Wholesalers Association, $65
-Ward Cook, lobbyist for Cozad Company, which represents Missouri State University and Jackson County, $75
-Ann Michael, Missouri Association of Club Executives, $65
-Harvey Tettlebaum, Missouri Health Care Association, $250
-Fred Dreiling, Harrah's Entertainment, $20
-Thomas Holloway, Missouri State Medical Association, $100

Scott also accepted $1,450 from three firms which list their mailing addressed as P. O. Box 1865, Jefferson City...the same address as the lobbying firm of Gamble and Schlemeier...MORESPAC, the Missouri Physicians Assistant PAC and the Missouri Psychological Association.

An additional $1,250 came from two concerns with the address 101 E. High, Jefferson City, the same address as the powerful lobbying firm of Gallagher and Associates, with $650 coming from the Competitive Enterprise Growth PAC and $600 from Golden Rule Insurance. As has been noted previously in The Turner Report, Competitive Enterprise Growth PAC, administered by Gallagher's lobbying firm, has thus far been funded entirely by a contribution from Glazer's, a liquor, wine, and beer distributor based in Dallas, Texas.

Lobbyist Sherry Doctorian, listed as an attorney, which she is, as well as being a lobbyist for the law firm of Armstrong Teasdale, which represents St. Louis University, among many clients, contributed $200.

And last, but not least, Denita Hawley, listed as a secretary, gave the Scott campaign $150. Ms. Hawley is a lobbyist for Gamble and Schlemeier.


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