Monday, September 18, 2006

Qualifications of teachers with lifetime certificates challenged

Officials in the Joplin R-8 School District, as well as those in districts across Missouri, are having to prove that teachers who have lifetime certificates are "highly qualified" under the "No Child Left Behind" law.
The refusal of the federal government to accept these people as highly qualified put Missouri at the bottom of the list for qualified teachers. Missouri stopped issuing lifetime certificates in 1988. (Note: I have a lifetime certificate to teach social studies in grades 7-12, which would not meet the NCLB requirements on its own, but I have tested for and received certification to teach communication arts to students in grades 5-9 in Missouri).
I find it amazing that the federal government is doing its best to push for lowering barriers to allow people with no training to step in front of a classroom, but wants people who have spent decades in the classroom to have to prove they belong.
What a wonderful boon No Child Left Behind has been to American education.


Anonymous said...

No Child Left Behind was the spawn of President Bush and Senator Teddy Kennedy. Anytime you get that unholy pact together, we should know that no good will come from it. Who says partisan politics are all bad? It would have kept No Child Left Behind from showing up.

On a serious note, having worked in the school system for a few years, I experienced the horrible output from this legislation. This is another example of how bad this legislation really is. It is an example of how many problems the federal government can create when they stick their noises where the local and state governments should be.

Anonymous said...

First off let me say that going to college with a double major full time for teaching has taken 5 years of my life. I don't find that that "easy" to get in front of a classroom. (Yes all classes were passed the first time, only thing is summer classes weren't attended)
By the way......teachers really don't get paid enough, do they? for all the crap they go through and the hoops to jump through!