Monday, September 18, 2006

New Missouri Bar Association head wants to improve youth knowledge of civics

Springfield attorney Ron Baird, the president of the Missouri Bar Association and a former Neosho resident, is seeking to improve young Missourians' knowledge of civics, according to an article in today's News-Leader.
I remember taking a citizenship class under Mr. Burney Johnston during my ninth grade year at East Newton High School. It was a year-long class and I still have the textbook, which was, and is, a great reference, though some of the items in it are now outdated.
With the push from our elected leaders to improve math and reading skills, civics education, the type of education which was the reason for the creation of American public schools, has been somewhat neglected.
The idea that young people are not interested in anything of substance in their education is ridiculous. It has been my experience that they are extremely interested, especially when they can be shown how it directly affects them.
Hopefully, the Missouri Bar's initiative will be one of many designed to foster young people's interest in the world around them.

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