Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Spiritual trip took Granby woman from one cult to another

New charges against Granby-area minister George Otis Johnston are detailed in an article by Joplin Globe ace reporter Jeff Lehr this morning. The article includes this frightening segment:

"(Newton County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Bill) Dobbs said the alleged victim of the latest charges is now married. She reportedly left Johnston's church group about a year ago to join the church in McDonald County because she'd been assured that the sorts of things that Johnston had done to her were not a part of church practices there."

She soon found out that was not the case and left, she told authorities. Charges involving ritual sexual abuse of children have also been filed against four leaders of the Grand Valley Independent Baptist Church, Rev. Raymond Lambert, Patty Lambert, Paul Epling, and Tom Epling.

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You can't fix stupid.