Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Facts checked on terrorism ad

The dramatic new terrorism ad that has been running on area television stations is examined on the KY3 Blog, and as you might expect, it is full of inaccuracies designed to convince terrified Missourians that anyone who does not fully agree with the way President Bush is conducting the war on terrorism is a traitor who is opening the doors for new waves of terrorists to come to our shores.
More information can be found at this KY3 Blog post.


Anonymous said...

I read the KY-3 blog post you linked, but didn't see where the post pointed out inaccuracies. Which inaccuracies do you mean? It looks like it's just a post about a Democrat pollster, who also happens to be a communications professor at MSU, who says the ad is meant to create fear because "you've got people with machine guns."

Anonymous said...

I watched this ad, and it's full of BS. We destroyed Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq? News to me.. We're fighting this war on terror for our very survival? Kiss my ass..