Friday, September 22, 2006

KYTV to take over operation of KSPR news

KY3 will now have two network-affiliated platforms for its news coverage, according to an article in today's Springfield News-Leader. As noted Thursday in the Turner Report, Perkin Media, KY3's partner in the purchase, was formed specifically just a little over two months ago to "acquire media properties," according to articles of organization on file with the Missouri secretary of state's office:

"KY3 is not able to own another FCC license," said Perkin, so a partnership came in, in which Perkin Media will acquire KSPR's FCC license and intellectual property, while KY3 Inc. will be in charge of operations at KSPR, he said.

"Sales and news will be operated by KY3," he said.

KSPR will keep its own news staff, and the station can benefit from KYTV in terms of equipment, said Perkin.

How or if this will affect the job of former KODE news director and sports anchor Erik Schrader, who is serving as KSPR's news director, is not immediately known. The News Leader article indicated the new management will soon begin conducting interviews of KSPR employees.


David L. Burton said...

Wow, what a week in Springfield for the news media. We are seeing media convergence big time. Many in the profession of journalism, as well as academics, don't see media convergence as such a great thing for the profession. Citizens get less news typically, especially lest indepth stuff, and journalists have to become generalists in every thing (writing, radio, tv and computers). Nationally, journalism groups have accepted media convergence as the new reality but they have not embraced it has a good think. We will have to wait and see what this means for the Springfield market: improved news or less news?

Anonymous said...

Former KODE General Manager Dave Tillery is also the current GM at KSPR, or at least is for the moment.

Anonymous said...

KYTV should learn how to operate their station before they take on another and possible foul it up. Have you noticed on the KY3 news all the glitches, reporters looking back and forth at each other? Cases of no audio, or mikes not worked on. Usually sometime during every news cast some report is not ready. Today took the cake, Sunday Morning, an hour and a half "KYTV Please Stand By" on the screen with no announcement of what was screwed up this time. Much like the original amateur hour. I'm surprised an NBC affiliate can operate this way.