Thursday, September 14, 2006

Driver's license requirements cause judge to strike down voter I.D. law

One ill-advised law pushed through by the Missouri General Assembly led a state judge to throw out another one.
The voter ID law was ruled unconstitutional by Cole County Circuit Court Judge Richard Callahan today:

Callahan's ruling bars the photo ID requirement from being enforced. He said the requirement is a particular burden to women and the poor. That's because a separate Missouri law requires those getting or renewing a driver's license to show they are lawfully in the country, generally with a birth certificate or passport.

Those whose name has changed, such as some married women, also must provide documents showing those changes. While the ID to vote would be free, underlying paperwork has a cost, and the judge said that's unacceptable.

Without the added requirements to obtain a license or state ID card, the judge ruled, the law might not be so burdensome.

"While a license to drive may be just that: a license and not a right. The right to vote is also just that: a right and not a license," the judge wrote.

Naturally, Governor Matt Blunt, to whom the law is not an inconvenience at all, decried the judge's ruling:

"This is a constitutionally sound law that will help improve Missourians' confidence in the elections process and help combat those who attempt to manipulate the system," he said in a written statement.


Anonymous said...

I think the Judge did the right thing! I applaud his actions and thank him!

Anonymous said...

I'm rarely one to criticize but I couldn't help but notice this sentence:

"Those whose name has changed, such as some married women, also must provide documents showing those changes."

Sounds a bit clunky. Why not say this:

"Some married women and others whose names have changed also must provide documents showing those changes."

Again, I hate to criticize but it's late in the week and I only had four hours of semi-restful sleep.

Anonymous said...

I think the Goobernators comments says it all, he should certainly understand what he says: "those who try to manipulate the system".....

Anonymous said...

I do not understand the uproar over this law or why it has been struck down. You have to have a birth certificate to enroll in school. A social security card is free. You have to have some sort of ID to get a job or social security or any form of welfare. The State IDs are being provided for free. The only think that might cost anything is a copy of the Birth Certificate if a person has lost it. Please explain the outcry of this. I just do not understand.

I want to be sure that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can pose as someone and vote for them. The last 2 Presidential elections have had some abnormalities with the votes. I would think that everyone would want to make sure to limit that crap as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha to the Blunt boy!