Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gibbons: Session is time for social activity, not meaningful debate

No vetoes were overridden during the annual veto session of the Missouri General Assembly today.
Efforts to force a special session to address Medicaid reform were unsuccessful. However you feel about that, it's hard to agree with the priorities of Senate Pro Tem Michael Gibbons:

Senate Minority Leader Maida Coleman, D-St. Louis, added her dismay.

"We could've ensured some of our most vulnerable citizens could continue to report for work. But we didn't," she said.

While rejecting Coleman's motion, Gibbons said today was meant for farewells to outgoing senators — not "partisan political debates."

Maybe I just don't understand the way our political system works, but it seems to be the taxpayers' money would be better spent if some actual debate took place during a legislative session, instead of paying thousands for senators to say their goodbyes.


Anonymous said...

Randy, take a moment to read the Missouri Constitution, Article III, section 32, which clearly states the date for and the scope of the veto session.

A point of order was raised objecting to Sen Colemans motion. Her motion was contra to the state constitution. Veteran House and Senate reporters were aware her motion was tied to a similar motion by Rep. Jeff Harris in the House- both of which were designed for political purposes.

For us as Missourians to understand the way our political system works,perhaps we all need to read our Missouri Constitution a little closer. Former KMTC-TV reporter

Randy said...

I am fully aware of the Missouri Constitution. It has nothing whatsoever to do with my post. I simply noted that Gibbons indicated he was more interested in saying goodbye to old friends at the taxpayers' expense rather than discussing issues that are important to Missourians.

Anonymous said...

Randy, senate business during a veto session is narrowly construed.To dump on Gibbons for acknowledging a constitutional limitation is hardly fair.A special session called to address the concerns of Sen Coleman and Rep Harris would have allowed for the partisan debates. You know this. Coleman knows it and Harris knows it.By the way senatorial tributes to retired and deceased senators from both parties was very gracious. Do you know who the retirees were? KMTC-TV reporter