Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blogger characterizes Hensley as 'vulture'

The blog In the Mailbox describes former Jasper County Presiding Commissioner Danny Hensley as a "vulture" after Hensley mounted a write-in candidacy for his old post last week:

Here's the part that shows the feathery sheen and vulture-like neck of Hensley, as written by Susan Redden: "Hensley, who lives in rural Carthage and is an auctioneer and land developer, held the commission job for 16 years before losing to Chuck Surface four years ago. He said he did not file to run in the August primary 'because the time wasn't right.'"

The time wasn't right because Surface was still running. The guy that Hensley allegedly supported lost, also. So, why is he running now? Again?

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Anonymous said...

I don't see why Hensley's actions are "vulture" like. He lost to Surface four years ago when going head-to-head, so it makes sense that Hensley was gunshy about another direct challenge. Now that the guy that beat him is out of the running, Hensley might as well throw his hat in. And if he has the financial backing of Felix Wright, Ray Grace, Ruth Kolpin and Larry Hickey, I'd say his strategy is sound and the time is right as people are starting to see just how power-hungry Archie Dunn has become.