Wednesday, September 27, 2006

KODE: Charges may be dropped against Eplings

KODE reports that efforts are being made to have the charges against Grand Valley Independent Baptist Church officials Tom Epling and Paul Epling dropped. Their attorney, Robert Evenson, claims that the statute of limitations has run out for the charges of ritual sex with children that have been filed against the two.
KODE also reported that Newton County Circuit Court Judge Gregory Stremel will replace Judge John LePage, who recused himself from the case today at the request of McDonald County Prosecuting Attorney Steve Geeding.


Anonymous said...

There should never be a statue of limitation on abuse or molestation/rape of a child. That is ridiculous. Someone we've elected needs to change this law.....but who? Maybe a new Democrat that gets elected.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Democrats have a good track record when it comes to restricting the “rights” of those accused of crimes.

Anonymous said...

If evenson's daughter or female family member was the victim he would never file a paper to try and get the charges dropped